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Needing more Burn-out shots!! Send them in!!

Wade Stewart's 73 Olds Cutlass
-Donated a 455 to the car gods to come
out the winner of the first annual (legal) Burnout Contest
at the 2001 Cache Creek Graffiti Days.
(and helped pay the RCMP salary the night before)

Total Casualty Count
1)455 Engine
2)M&H Racemasters
2)Uniroyal winter grips
2)295/50r15 BFG's

Goodbye M&H's
Vern's '67 Chevy II
(with paint and a 4-gear this time)
Cough Cough Cough
Remember Robbie's ??
Grant Gunn's 5.0 powered F-100
Casualties-one tire & one boxside
Roger's rapid transit system....
Chris "Tire" Fryer
Duster at Thunder Mtn.
Chris "Tire" Fryer
Sold the Duster to buy this...10.52@130mph with valid plates!!